Meet K!


This is our new little black lab mix named K. She is 10 weeks old and full of energy and mischief. We decided Labor Day weekend was finally the time to get another puppy. After everything that happened around Memorial Day and to our little puppy Sienna we needed the summer to regroup. Fortunately the adoption agency whom we had used for Sienna gave us a standing offer to get another puppy for no additional charge.


After exploring their listing we saw a litter of 10 black lab mixes, called, and drove out to look at them Friday night September 4th. We had the option of 9 out of the 10 puppies. It was a little overwhelming since last time we had our pick out of 3 (other siblings had been taken).


It took us two hours to play with and test out all of the personalities of the puppies before we chose K who was named Raider (because the original shelter had thought she was a boy). We picked up a puppy started kit from the adoption group with leash, collar, bowls, food, and toys and headed home.


Our first weekend with her we had her in the crate upstairs with us then moved her crate downstairs by the time the week started. It took awhile to get her into our routine and sleeping schedule but we are getting there. She is mostly black with brown eyes and brindle feet.


She loves spending time outside rolling around in tall grass, sniffing everything, digging, and running around. K’s favorite room is our upstairs office where she can play, nap, and most of all stare out the window while we work on our computers.


She is very smart and a little stubborn, she learned quickly how to climb up and down the stairs, now we have to put up a gate if we want her to stay on one level. K also learned how to climb up the baby gate we set up in the downstairs bathroom and to run away from us if she has something in her mouth she should not.


She is learning the command “sit” very well, knows her name (although sometimes she pretends to not hear it), and sometimes play fetch . K is still stubborn about commands “no”, “come”,  and “down” when she like to jump on us and is still learning that she cannot bite us when we play with her.


She has learned the broom is not a toy, the dishwasher is not a source of food and neither is the trash. She doesn’t like the rain when it’s cold outside but doesn’t mind a warm bath.


K is a lot of work right now and not completely house trained yet, but we are enjoying having her as part of our family.


One thought on “Meet K

  1. Love ALL the pictures of your new puppy. She is sooo cute. Too bad she will be full grown by the time we get to personally meet her.

    Glad to see you are blogging again. I know life is busy, but we so enjoy hearing about what is going on.

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