It’s been a long and at times frustrating task to get the front of the house and porch to have great curb appeal.

Reminder of what this all looked like before the project


A few weeks ago L finally got the pressure treated planter beams in place and nailed down. Then I was able to transplant. All of the hostas needed to be moved either to a new bed or forward to leave room for other plants.


In between these I also placed the succulents, so that the planters looked planned. This took a good days work but was well worth it.


Next I started to prep the side bed for new plants but soon discovered another path, this time slate, running under the porch, through the flower bed, and out to where we park our cars. Luke got out the sledge hammer and with a little effort we got most of the path dug out.


Once everything was transplanted I was finally able to buy more plants to supplement. I decided on bleeding hearts to round out the corners of the porch and some endless summer hydrangeas to go under the living room window. I also bought a few more hostas to fill in the side of the porch that was unplanted.

New project: With all of this rock and slate we decided to make a rock path with stepping stones out to where we park our cars. So that this next winter we will have a set path to snow blow. This will be a fall project to finish with gravel in between stones and rubber runners.


Still to be finished: I have planted the hydrangeas but still need to transplant a white hydrangea plant we have growing on the hill in our back yard. That hydrangea plant is large enough I will need L’s help to transfer. We also have bought some lilies and a rodi’s to fill in along the road near our parking place (which has just been re-graveled) that still need to be planted.

So much progress so far and more to do. We are learning as home owners that when you think you have finished one project three more tend to pop up.

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