The next day of our summer trip, we met my brother work downtown Memphis . We walked with him to the more famous area of Memphis: Beale street.


We came into town  after Elvis week and saw a few impersonators still wandering around. As we approached Beale street, we stopped at a famous peanut shop.


I waited outside because they mix all of their nuts together (for more on this see: why I am tree nut free  with my brother as Sis-inlaw gave L the tour. Everyone got samples of their favorite peanuts as a snack and we continued walking.



We passed a statue of Elvis across from the Hard Rock, and the Gibson guitar factory and then we were on Beale street. A very quiet walking street in the early afternoon, the street is filled with big named Jazz bars and night clubs including the original coyote ugly bar.


On this street is also a bar which hosts parked outside one of Jerry Lee Louis’ cars. All along the street, similar to in Hollywood on the sidewalk are jazz and blues musician names.



We continued walking to the Peabody hotel and did a fast tour of the hotel and the famous ducks in the pond.


After a lengthy walk around we got lunch and got back in our cars. We drove down toward the Mississippi river waterfront and parked at what is called “The Pyramid”, and old sporting area that has now been turned into a giant bass pro shop.


We went in and saw there was a lot to take in. This “shop” has a restaurant and bar with bowling alley to start with, it’s own fudge and sweets shop, hotel rooms built like cabins you can rent on the third floor, and a live alligator display.



Add this to the fact that the place is decorated to resemble the bayou with floating docks and boats you can tour in a few feet of water filled with catfish. Like most bass pro shops it also included many stuffed and staged animals of all types.



L and I both found good hiking/camping pants downstairs in the apparel then we went upstairs. On the second floor is a duck hunting museum including wood ducks and a display of guns. There is also a free arcade sample of duck hunting, and a place to test out bows for hunting.


They had one of the best camping sections I have ever seen and a large hunting dog section as well. Let’s just say my husband was a happy camper.



We left downtown Memphis and head back to my brother’s place where we got local BBQ and played a board game during dessert.

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  1. Great job! Catching us all up. I’m enjoying your articles and pictures.  🙂

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