On Tuesday of our road trip we spent the morning just L and I at the Memphis Botanical Garden. A large garden with many different areas, it was the perfect relaxing day date.



We enjoyed their Japanese garden with a pond including koi fish, swans, and red bridge. They also had many intricate gazebos and nature chapels.


What I found most unique about the botanical garden was it’s extensive learning area.


It had a giant bird house that could be walked around, and worm tunnels, as well as exhibit where old house-hold items were turned into garden beds including bed frames, washing machines, sinks, and bathtubs.


They had a separate area for learning about irrigation, and a pine tree forest area where children could build with logs and sit in chairs made of wood stumps.


The garden also had a great herb garden and holds many activities and events including a summer concert series.


The only downside is I was eaten alive by mosquitos. When we got back to my brother’s we went on a walk and got lunch and a frozen treat and headed back to pack up our car and prep for travels again.


It was hard to say goodbye to my brother, knowing it could be while until we see them again, but we enjoyed seeing their home and getting quality time with them, even for a few days.

We left in the early afternoon headed across the state of Tennessee through Nashville and Knoxville on our way to Pigeon Forge the land of the great smokey mountains and yes. . . Dollywood. More on this to come.

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