As I wrote about this past summer, we decided to start a garden.  We planted several different vegetables for a late summer-early fall harvest. But then we had our first frost two-three weeks before Halloween. So we sadly collected what we could and tore up the garden as prep for the spring.


This was a little frustrating because that next week until now the weather has been warm, anywhere from 50-80 almost everyday.


Still it was not all wasted effort. The spinach did well for several weeks. In August I didn’t have to buy any at the store. But we found by September it was not receiving enough sun.

The green onions never really developed the way we had hoped and the onions and garlic did not have enough time to grow. Also the broccoli never developed blossom heads, but we think this was because a bug was eating the leaves.


On the positive side our biggest success were our carrots. We had so many that we actually had to thin them out to get larger uncrowded carrots by October. They are a great size, sweet, and one of K’s favorite snacks.


So far it has been a good experience and we are hoping to till more ground for a much larger planting in the spring.

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