our new shed

I know it may seem small but we are very excited to have a new nicer shed. Let me explain why:

We lost our tin shed last winter as the weather changed and the transition from cold to warm bent in the top heavy with a foot of snow.

When spring came we had to tear apart the old shed and find someone to take it to the scrap-metal yard. Then we had to decided if we were building a new one on our own, buying a pre-fab one from a hardware store, or buying one from a local business. After some research we went with supporting a local Amish workshop.


We chose our model, size, colors etc. then had to re-gravel a pad for the shed and assure there would be no issues for delivery.

We finally got our new shed a few weeks ago. For Luke the shed is a place to organize and put all of his outdoor equipment and tools. I was excited because it meant the back porch was no longer a “catch all” room.

For the past more than six months the back porch has been the laundry room, the tool and outdoor equipment room, the dry food/goods storage, and the recycling center. With Kira, it also became her crated sleeping room.

The recycle area is now in large bins on the side of the shed, the tools and outdoor equipment are in the shed as well. So there is now room to move around back there.


Also it has now become Kira’s play room while we are gone. With the heavy equipment and tools gone, we could trust her outside of her crate. So we no longer  wake up before dawn to our dog barking because she wants to get out of her crate.

When we leave during the day, or we go to bed at night we set up baby gates over the back porch doorframe. Kira now has her bowls, toys, crate with blankets, and newspaper all in one place with space to move around a play. She even has a window to look out.

And everyone’s happy.

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