On our winter holiday with my parents we went to the Eastman House and International Museum of Photography and Film. The Eastman House was the home of George Eastman the inventor of Kodak, and one of the largest philanthropists of Rochester, establishing the Eastman School of Music, Kodak theater, a trustee of RIT, and much much more. His home has been turned into a museum and connected to it is an additional museum documenting the history of modern photography and films.

We thought this would be a good place to take my parents since they enjoy home tours and both L and my father have an interest in photography.

When we arrived in the late afternoon they informed us the last house tour of the day had just started so we bypassed the photography museum and headed straight for the Eastman house. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and the tour was interesting.


George Eastman, like many single philanthropists at the turn of the century, was a little eccentric, he was reserved and did not want people to know about all of his charitable donations. Still he enjoyed hosting many parties, especially concerts, and traveling the world.


At the center of the home was the conservatory, the most unique room in my mind with a replica elephant head standing out on the window wall. Eastman had gone on a safari hunt specifically for an elephant, a trip that took him more than 2 years (I believe).


The other prominent feature of the home is the pipe organ which also is in the conservatory. Eastman loved music and always had it playing in the house, the organ at the beginning of the day and at night and radios on in every room otherwise throughout the day. What was unique about this organ was that there was both a north and south organ and pipes in the home so that it created a surround sound. On Sundays the organ is still played during museum tours as well as for concerts throughout the year, something we may do in the future.


There were many other fascinating elements to the house tour and it was great to go during the Christmas season to see old fashion toys, ornaments on the Christmas trees and decorations through out the home.


After the house tour my dad and L enjoyed wandering the photography museum. L spent a good amount of time exploring one of the touring exhibits about a specific photographer, while my dad enjoyed looking at cameras throughout history and photography effect photos.

It was a great outing and perfect Christmas present for my parents.

What holiday outings did you enjoy?


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