K is now 6 months old and definitely in her awkward teenager stage where not all of her body is the same or right size.


She loved having my parents here last month and it was a great opportunity to practice not jumping on people.

But it definitely confused her routine and we have been working on that this past month while I’m off of work. She’s getting used to the new routine quickly and now knows the time of day to look out the window waiting for L to get home.



She loves the snow even more than she did the fall leaves. She rolls around in it, loves digging for sticks in it, and snacking on it while she runs around. Our first day of snow she wasn’t even surprised by it just took it all in and ran in circles.


K has almost all of her adult teeth in, there was a week or two where her back molars hurt so much we had to give her some orajel (which she hates).  She also a week ago was neutered. She did so well with the procedure and  is healing very quickly.

Kira with post surgery with her favorite soothing toy: leather stuffed animal

She has learned most of her commands well and now we are working on lay (lay down), and shake (shake off when wet). She also has a habit of chasing her tail until dizzy.


All in all she is turning out to be a wonderful, smarty little puppy.

One thought on “K update

  1. Can’t wait to meet her. She willbe well trained by the time we get there 🙂

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