Not long after I wrote the staycation post the power went out at my house. We had gotten 6 or more inches of snow and many branches were falling down in the trees around our property from the weight of it.

We just got power less than 30 minutes ago. Yes that’s right almost 30 hours later.

Let’s just say being without power for that long you have no choice but to move at a different pace.

L didn’t go into work today because we also had no running water (the well runs on electricity) and one car that needed a jump start because it’s been so cold it stalled on us.

So we played board games, sat by the fireplace, read, listened to sermons on L’s phone, journaled, spent extra time with the dog, and talked about the future. We also laughed as we planned meals with only a stove top to use (oven is electrically controlled) holding lanterns and flashlights up to help with dinner prep.

It was an adventure but I think both of us are glad it is over.

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