So it’s winter break. A week long holiday that doesn’t exist where I grew up in SoCal and still confuses me a little. But with it being in the single digits for Valentines day and an official snow day for schools on Tuesday. I was grateful L took an extra day off and I didn’t have to drive to Rochester.


I have to say I’m not very good with staycations. I am learning, but it’s not easy. The fireplace is on the view outside is beautiful and cold. K is getting spoiled with so much more attention then she normally gets from both of us.


But I have a nagging feeling I need to take this time to get ahead with lesson planning or do early spring cleaning. Although yes, I will probably do some of this, L is encouraging me to Blog, journal, play piano, sleep in, and overall just rest.


I do not have a personality that rests very well.  It takes a lot for me to “stare out the window’ and “just be”. Usually I do this best when I’m physically away from the everyday environment.


As is I am having a hard time adjusting to the slower pace of this semester compared to the fall when I taught everyday in Rochester at two different schools. But I am making an effort to fill that “extra time” with items that matter just as much as official work like exercise, reading, meal planning, house cleaning and organizing and so on.


Learning to take advantage of the quiet seasons, the silent snow days is hard. But I am always reminded that I have this season as a blessing, as a moment to sigh and regroup from what was behind, and to prepare for what is ahead.

Anyone else struggle with snow days or staycations?

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