After our semi-down town tour we decided to go back to chelsea market for dinner. We had a few bites of lobster roll and shared some clam chowder but found both not to be enough food for actual dinner. So L walked over to a traditional Italian deli for a sandwich and I got a lamb pie.


sign next to the Lincoln Preforming Arts Center showing current ballets, plays, and musical being preformed

Once we were full we took the subway back to the hotel, got changed then headed back up to Lincoln Preforming Arts Center.


We were lucky that the subway terminal was very close to the arts center. Both of us were in awe of the setting, the well lit center was beautiful at night. As we walked to the Vivian Beaumont theater we turned our heads to see we were right next to Juliard!

The theater itself was also amazing, a square theater we once again found our seats much closer than we thought to the stage. The orchestra pit was directly below us.


But the best surprise was that once the musical started the stage expanded towards us covering the orchestra pit. We were so close to the actors and stage it was incredible. The way the musical had been set up some actors left on your normal stage right and left but many exited to doors under the stage near the orchestra pit.

We were at this theater to see “The King and I”. The musical numbers were well done and acting was amazing considering the person playing the king was Ken Watanabe, know for Memoirs of Geisha and The Last Samurai. And the women playing Anna Kelli O’hara won a Tony for actress in a musical  for 2015.


But I was most impressed with Ruthie Ann Miles who played the lead wife of the King Lady Thiang, her songs were deeply emotional and authentic.

It was much more of a drama than L’s liking  but it was all very well done.


After a wonderful early birthday treat we got out of the theater at almost 11pm! We were shocked at how late the musical went. We walked a few blocks then decided on a late night snack: Gray’s Papaya hot dogs. We both had one hot dog with mustard and onions and I got pineapple soda.

pictures is from earlier in the day when we drove by on the bus tour

We then walked across the street to the oldest subway terminal in NYC to get a ride back to our hotel. It was a wonderful end to our last evening in the city.


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