So finally, the end of our NYC trip.


On our last day we got up early, picked up coffee, and walked to battery park at the end of Manhattan Island. Here instead of taking the many-tourist boats to Ellis Island, we caught the FREE commuter ferry to Staten Island.


This provided us with a up-close view of Lady Liberty without the cost and lines to tour her.


We were able to take the less than 20 minute ferry one way turn around, and get back on the other way.


On the ride back we had not only another close-up of the statue of liberty but also a panorama of the downtown skyline. It was well worth the hour boat ride.



We then hurried back to our hotel and packed up our bags. With suitcases in hand, we checked out of the hotel and hit the subway.


With only an hour or two before our train ride to Poughkeepsie, we were able to visit grand central station, and get street views of Madison Square Garden, the Empire State building, and Chrysler building.




This was our attempt to make up for the shortened bus tour the day before. It was a lot of exercise and a little chaotic, but worth the extra time before heading out of the city.

We got to Penn Station just in time to get some Jamba Juice to cool us off from the uptown run around, then get in line for our train.

The trip back was relaxing and easy.

We thoroughly enjoyed our busy New York City adventure.


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