Busy season

So as I have suggested after our trip to NYC life got very busy, but I did not take the time to really explain how or why. So here goes:

When we got back from Spring break the countdown before the end of the semester began. That means I was in major grading mode as drafts of  research papers were being turned in again and again.

Also, at the end of April Luke and I were guest speakers at church while our pastors were away. We did a Sunday explaining and introducing our role as the global outreach directors, what our church’s goals are for missions, and introducing missionaries our church would be supporting.

This was a large task and before this Sunday I had been in many emails back and forth with missionaries from around the world getting information from them about their ministry and if they will come back to the United States, scheduling their visits.

Starting this past week I also have begun leading a Wednesday night series of interfaith dialogue. We are looking at world religions, their beliefs, and coming to understanding about the differences. Again, this takes time to prepare.

As for school? This is my last week of teaching. As of this weekend I will be grading final tests and compiling final grades for submission. Last weekend and all this week I have been grading final research papers.

In the next few weeks, after reorganizing this semesters content I will be preparing for our end of the semester meeting with my colleges in early June.

We are heading into a busy summer season of family and missionary visits, and as usual the gardening and summer festivals. It is an exciting time of year even if it is a busy one.

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