Work before Play

Luke’s parents came to visit us for a week at the end of June. We were very excited to have them stay with us as this was their first time to upstate New York while we have lived here.


Since we only had a week we were busy fitting in both work and play. We decided to get work out of the way. At the beginning of the week Luke and John repaired and replaced the roof of our porch. They  got it done in less than two days in-spite of the very warm weather (91 which is HOT for June here).

Diana and I spent part of that time working on editing and making changes to her most recent work: Undivided Heart Leader’s Manual and Guide for Book One. We also hosted an author’s reading/discussion for Diana and her books at my church.  For more on this check out:Diana Greene Ministries website

The two of us also went to Rochester where we did some shopping Diana needed for the rest of their vacation,  some birthday shopping for me, but we also grocery shopping for the week because there are more natural and organic options there.


By Wednesday we were done with our projects  and to rest. We decided to stay local and went to Stony Brook Park. Kira loved getting some attention and out of the house and the parents enjoyed the walk. Even though it was warm in the gorge near the water we stayed cool.


More on the rest of our week touring or “play time” coming next.

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