Corning Glass Museum 2016

On Thursday after getting work done and resting, we were ready for a full day of fun.

We took the parents down to our old stopping ground: Corning. We showed them where we used to live then pulled into the Corning Glass Museum parking lot.


Over the past four years we have taken all of our family who has visited us to the museum. We have found there is something for everyone to enjoy. After getting our tickets we watched the live glass blowing demonstration in the Hot Glass studio.


We then had open time to take the parents through some of the exhibits. We started in the modern glass studio then moved on to the history of glass. Well, we only got about a third of the way through the history of glass before it was lunch time.


We found a nice shaded picnic bench outside and Luke and John went across the street to get us a large lunch. Our favorite BBQ place is not in Rochester, it’s in Corning. I am telling you the place to go for BBQ is Slammin’ Jamming Bar B Q . The meat is moist and well seasoned and their BBQ sauce is tangy, smokey and spicy. Since we left Corning their hole-in-the wall has become well established, and now they also have a restaurant downtown!


After a finger licking lunch we headed into the make your own glass studio. Here John and Diana had tickets to make their own ornaments, another tradition we have done with all family members who have visited. We advised them to choose bright colors that would show up on the tree, and they did. They both had a great time.


We then headed back to the museum to finish the history of glass. Since Luke and I have seen this exhibit several times, we instead enjoyed their rotating exhibit. This season they had glass work done by Blaschka family of sea life and creatures, a collection mostly form Cornell. The work was amazing, it looked like plastic, or fabric, but was all glass. This glass work was done as a means to study sea-creatures that normally when taken out of the water would disintegrate and die quickly. It was like being in a still life aquarium.


Last on our tour was the new wing of the museum: the modern exhibit (2000 and forward). This wing is new to Luke and I. Flooded with light, it highlights very modern and large scale glass pieces most of which have a social statement attached to them.


To round out our day at the museum we went to another hot glass show, in one of the new larger studios attached to the modern exhibit wing. In this show they made a vase but included a sea life theme in honor of the Blaschka exhibit and their work.


It was a full day, but well worth the trip, as always.

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