House Hunting Re-Cap

Luke and I got back from our house-hunting trip in Washington this past Wednesday. It was a long week as we tried to find a place to live and became more familiar with the area.

Even though I have visited Centralia several times since college, I had never stayed there for this long, beside a town can change a lot in ten years.

We were blessed to spend part of the trip with a family I  used to babysit for back in California. It was great to catch up with them.

We spent the first two days looking at houses and getting to know the neighborhoods. Out of eleven homes in two days we found two we considered putting an offer in on. Unfortunately, we can only do offers with contingencies upon our house selling.

The good homes are not on the market for long, even in the fall. So by the time we got home both of the homes we had considered had already accepted offers.But at least now we know what the market is like.

On Sunday and Monday we looked into rentals and apartments . This was also difficult because we want month-to-month and we have a dog. After several dead ends and a few applications we found one rental that allowed dogs, was month to month, and fit into our budget.

The only downside is Kira will spend all time outside, which she will probably love during the day, but won’t be happy about at night. But it is temporary.

We are grateful for those who helped us on this trip and that Luke’s parents were able to pick us up and drop us off at the airport. We feel we have a much better sense of the area and are excited to move very soon.

We are now in the count-down. We both have only two more weeks of work left, a few goodbyes, and a lot of packing to do.



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