Saying Goodbye

Upstate New York has been our home for the past four years. We have spent our entire married life here with many new experiences: buying and managing a home, raising a puppy, learning our roles as husband and wife, expanding our experiences in our careers. If you have been reading this blog from the beginning, then you have lived through most of those moments with us.

It has been a rewarding and sometimes challenging season in our lives. And of course we will miss it all. We will miss the rolling hills of dairy farms, the crisp fall air, the quiet snow days, the spring flowers, the summer festivals and fireworks and how houses are decorated for every season.

Luke and I have been blessed with great jobs while living here. where we could connect with colleagues, be challenged in our fields, and encouraged. We will also miss those who have been apart of our lives out here, even if for short time, sharing in our interests and helping us feel connected far from family.

But tomorrow we leave for our cross country journey and so it’s time for us to say goodbye.

The good news is although A. Greene’s Adventures started on the East Coast we are bringing it back with us to the West Coast. So if you have become a part of our lives on the East Coast, you can still share in our lives through this blog. Our adventures our far from over so I hope you will continue to join us as we transition, transcend, and transform.