So Much to be Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


 We were lucky to spend some of the past four Thanksgivings with new friends, but most were spent alone either eating a non-traditional turkey-day meal just the two of us, or going out to eat.

That is why we are thankful Luke’s parents are only two hours south of our new home. We were able to travel down after Luke’s work on Wednesday and will be with his family for the weekend. After the chaos of the last two weeks, it will be nice to have no agenda other than to eat good food and spend quality time with family.

We have so much to be grateful for, for: safe travel across the U.S., family close by who were able to help us move and settle in, Luke’s new job, our new rental home, and for all of the amazing things we know are ahead for us in our new home town.

Today we are very thankful for such much and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!