Christmas in review

Luke and I had a wonderful time at my parent’s house for Christmas this year. It  was nice to only have to travel a few hours in a car instead of a full day in a plane.


During our time together we did all the normal Christmas traditions of my side of the family. On Christmas eve we dressed up and went to a local church for a candle lit service full of hymn and carols singing.  We came home and had enchiladas and tamales for dinner then enjoyed coffee and a collection of cookies and other sweets.


On Christmas day we opened stockings, read the Christmas story, had our large specialty breakfast, and opened presents. Later in the day we had another larger meal of tri-tip, baked potatoes, and green beans.


But beyond the typical holiday time we were able to enjoy the area and each others company.


My parent’s  home is on a lake and they own a large canoe that sits at their dock. In spite of the colder weather, most of the family could not pass up a short boat ride of the calm lake. Both Kira, and my brother’s dog Pepper learned to enjoy the boat ride, though it took awhile for them to adjust to being on the water and not in it.


img_7027 img_7026

Another day we went to the coast less than a half hour from my parents house where there is a dog friendly beach. This was Kira’s first time to see the ocean and waves. She learned quickly that the water tasted funny, enjoyed the sand, and was very polite when greeting other dogs. She also enjoyed jumping over the waves as they came in to the shore. The only thing we had to watch was that she desperately wanted to take off after the seagulls.


On our last day together went on a early afternoon walk at a local state park that follows along a lake. The trail was musty, wet, and full of green ferns. There was moss hanging from many on the trees and the lake was calm and still. It felt surreal to be back in the Northwest enjoying these views, knowing we live only hours away from such outdoor beauty.


My parents do not have a TV or internet at this house so in the evenings we shared stories, played games, and watched old family videos and slides. We often would sit with our coffee and cookies and watch the dogs play.  In fact the two of them became fast friends over the weekend together, playing constantly.


Overall it was a great relaxing holiday visit. How was your Christmas?


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