Preparing for Baby

Now that the holidays are over, everyone knows about our growing family come May. Still minus a few doctor’s appointments and reading ‘what to expect’ we had not moved forward on much, especially with the holidays and moving to a new state.

A few weekends ago my parents came to visit and help us move forward on preparing for baby Greene. On Saturday morning my mom, Luke and I went to my 20 week ultrasound. My mom loved the experience and at the end the technician told my mom not to look as she typed the gender onto the screen. The technician printed us lots of wonderful pictures, and gave us an envelope with the one picture that revealed the gender for us to share with everyone later. (More on this to come I promise).


Later that day we drove up to Olympia to go to Babys R Us . Nowadays with almost all shopping online, it’s difficult to find products in stores. When it comes to strollers, car seats, swings, and highchairs, you want to pick them up, fold them up, see how they break down, and how easy they are to clean.

Even though I had done some extensive online searching, I was overwhelmed walking into a store of all things baby. It’s still a new world for us. We were grateful to have my Dad and Luke there as they pushed buttons, lifted everything up, tore everything down, and saw what clicked into where. Also the store’s department manager was extremely helpful providing us with the most recent laws on car seat safety along with which items were rated higher and why.

After looking at the larger items we wandered the store. My parents mentioned a few smaller items I had not thought about that they found helpful.

I felt confident after that trip to make some changes to our online registry, and just in time too.  My mom and I started talking about shower dates. Since I can only travel via plane up to a certain date, we needed to plan out a SoCal shower quickly.

Before the holidays I still fit into my normal clothing without problems. I had lost so much weight last spring that I had clothes that worked  with gaining a few pounds. But right around the holidays I started noticing a baby bump and knew by January I’d need to make wardrobe changes.


I appreciated my mom’s help that weekend in looking at nursing clothing, and basic maternity layering items. We were surprised Target  was our greatest resource for basics as  other stores have great selections online but very little to try on. Fortunately we discovered my size for most items. Now I can go shopping and feel confident even online that I am getting what I need. After that trip I went through my closet and looked at my shirts differently: how long are they? Do they stretch? And for dresses: could they turn into nice blouses?


We haven’t set up an nursery, any items we got for Christmas from family have gone into a box. We are hoping to move into a more permanent home before setting up a place for baby Greene. We received a few special items at Christmas including gender neutral: blankets, pacifiers, and clothing from both families. Can you guess our nursery theme from these items?

More on how Baby Greene is doing to come.



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