Moving Forward part 1

Two weekends ago we started moving forward with life in Centralia. After three weekends with family we were ready to get better acquainted and adjusted to environment we are now living in.

Saturday we signed up to check out growth groups at church. Also we got confirmation of baby Greene’s gender so we ordered gender announcements gifts and cards  (more on this to come).

On Sunday after church we drove to the suburbs of Olympia. We were overdue for a Costco trip (and samples).

Then we went to our nerd store: Luke discovered Olympia Cards and Comics when he visited the area for job interviews and couldn’t wait to take me. Walls of games and plenty of room to try them out, a generous variety of comic books including many independents, plus a knowledgeable staff on both games and comics, I can see why he likes it. Now we go once a month after our Costco trip to look at comics, and think about future games we want to play or expansions to buy.

If you didn’t know this already Luke loves games, especially complicated ones. We have learned over time to find games that are challenging but also allow us to play on the same team (co-operative).  I am still learning strategies of more complex game play and we are often playing just the two of us. Fortunately now there are many co-op games out there.

And yes, the comic book interest is new(ish). Luke and I started reading comics about a year or so ago when we bought a few comics that continued the story lines of characters we enjoyed in a few TV shows. Then we branched off from there, mainly into the Marvel universe, and now? This store has a much better selection of comics including many independent and creative options. So since moving to Washington we’ve started to branch out to new ideas and stories. It’s hard to find unique story lines right now in movies, TV, and books right now it seems independent comics are where the creativity is. We know, we are major nerds.

After our errands and shopping we ended our day with Pho and bubble tea. It’s so nice to live back in the land of good Asian food.

But this is only part of our weekend. More on moving forward to come in part 2.



2 thoughts on “Moving Forward part 1

  1. Oh how fun! Sam and I just discovered a new game shop nearby and spent an afternoon and evening getting to know the store and it’s people there On Saturday. It was a blast.
    Congrats on the gender reveal! Can’t wait to find out!

  2. Love the way the two of you (+1) get out and try new offerings in your neighborhood. Don’t know that reading comics make you nerds; think it is rather fun!

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