Moving Forward Part 2

On Monday we signed up at the local gym. Yes, we did the January gym sign up, but this is not just a new-years resolution. With only one car right now I’m doing exercise at home with the Zumba Fitness Core xbox 360 , but we need Luke to have a place to exercise before or after work.


Thorbeckes is pretty nice. Membership gives you access to the work out equipment, several exercise classes, indoor track, and the pool. They also have several locations all with the same membership fee. Thinking ahead they offer child care for 2 hours of exercise for a low monthly child rate (much cheaper than babysitting). They also offer children’s classes and activities including swim lessons. Best of all, once a month they host a Parents Night Out where you can drop of your child at the gym for several hours of activities while you go on a date (again a whole lot cheaper and more fun than a babysitter).


This gym is in the same parking lot as Borst Park, for more see: Borst Park Christmas Lights.  Luke took Kira to the dog run awhile back and she loved it. Each dog run features a picnic table, a fire hydrant, and a tunnel. Even though she had only been one time before she  went back to the fence where she had seen a squirrel the last time she was there.

images images

That night we decided to go to Mcmenamins Olympic Club downtown Centralia to catch a movie and have dinner.  This location has a restaurant, bar, movie theater, and hotel all restored to older glory days of the building (an old gentlemen’s club and saloon) but with Mcmenamins flair. We have been twice now to get dinner with my parents; they have great food, drinks, and a room for free pool and shuffle board. But this was our first time going to the movie theater. They show second run movies only 4$ for adults and have two show times (6pm and 9pm).  It’s a lot of fun to be in a comfortable atmosphere and eat dinner (you can order off the full menu and bar) while watching a recent movie.

After all of these activities, and more,   finally feel like we are settling into our new home.  Living so close to a nice park, good gym, good movie theater, and not far from a larger town with specialty shops and food we like; it is a major blessing. Although the past few months have been challenging: living in a rental, going back to one car, new job for Luke, no work for me, preparing for a child, this past weekend reminded me of why it is worth the effort, sacrifices, and adjustments.

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