I realize it’s been more than a month since I shared with everyone about baby Greene coming in May. I know also some of you are curious how the pregnancy has gone so far and how baby is doing? So I’ll give you an update.

I had my first ultrasound and initial appointment at 14 weeks. We found out I was pregnant much earlier, although we suspected pregnancy at 6 weeks by 8 weeks we knew for sure. But we decided because of the move to wait until we had one hospital and doctor to work with.

First trimester I was a little nauseous (like car sick) but honey ginger drops and banana chips helped. Other than that I was exhausted, warm at night, and super hungry. I was eating like crazy, sometimes more calories at one sitting then even L. I was still teaching so I had to pack more food at lunch then I was used to and eat before and after class.

By the second trimester, after Thanksgiving, the hunger slowed down and nauseousness went away. I wouldn’t even realized I needed food until my energy level dropped. I had my first meeting with my OBGYN in December and all went well.

As of my last appointment and ultra sound at the beginning of January everything is still going well.

Overall I have been feeling pretty good, some muscle aches and pains from body shifting and growing and depending on what I eat acid re-flux and heartburn. I have learned to stretch after exercise before I go to bed to prevent cramps in my calves in the morning and sore hips.

Right after the holidays I started to feel baby kick and move. It was only occasional and sometimes I wasn’t sure if it was me or the baby. But now I have gotten so used to the kicking and movement that when it doesn’t happen for a while I am surprised.

Baby is 24 weeks today which means I am now steadily in the 6th month of pregnancy We have been talking about names, looking into birth classes, our baby registry is complete, and shower dates are set.

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