Finding a Home

We have been house hunting since October. At times it has been a frustrating experience; it is a sellers market right  which means there are not a lot homes for sale and when they do come up they sell fast and at close to their listing price. For more on our house hunting journey see . . .

But a few weekends ago we came a crossed a home in a great location: minutes from the freeway, grocery stores, our current church, and only twenty minutes to Luke’s work. It is on a quiet road with only a few neighbors and farms. The property is full of mature pine trees, creeks, and a pond that provide plenty of seclusion. The front and back yard are huge and fenced in so they would be perfect for Kira and kids.

But there were no picture of the inside of the house online, so we were a little unsure. Our realtor reassured us that  the home was currently a rental and the home qualified for loans that required the house to be in decent condition.

With this in mind, we checked the house out on a cold dark weeknight. Overall we were happy about the size of the home, rooms, and it’s layout. The home is still stuck in the late 1970’s when the house was built, but live-able. We walked away with a few concerns and wondered about items we couldn’t see well in the dark.

When we came home we spent dinner time talking about repairs and projects; ways we could transform the place and make it our own. We talked about cost, priorities, when we’d want to complete projects, and whether we could live in the home as is until then.

We have learned that in this market, with our budget, and with time pressure of a May due date there has to be a compromise. We have seen beautiful modern homes on small or unusual properties, we have seen great properties with houses that need a lot of TLC, or homes that have some  of both but are far away from our preferred location. This home it is in a great location, great property, and the house is in good condition, the compromise is in the work we’d put in to update it.

So we decided to make an offer and after negotiations we settled on a price and went under contract with the condition that the inspections went well. The next weekend we asked Luke’s father, an experienced general contractor,  to look at the house with us. Most of our concerns were resolved or turned out to be smaller projects than anticipated, and in the light of day the house was felt more inviting. Diana and I walked around talking about projects while Luke and John did the inspection. After we left, his parents came home and like us started brainstorming updates to the house.

Yes, there are a projects to do before moving in but they are maintenance items and none of them are too expensive or time consuming. Right now we are in the process of other inspections: septic, pest, water etc. if all of those go well them we may have a home by mid-March.

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