It’s a . . .


 Baby Greene is a boy!

Luke and I had not talked about our predictions until the twenty week ultrasound was over, but he was right, I was wrong. So far everyone has guessed well, except for me. Luke said I’ve been carrying and gaining weight almost completely in the front which is a common “boy” indicator-easier for him to see I guess.


We found out the gender mid-January and starting planning how to tell family and friends. Since it was so close to the holidays trying to set up an elaborate, or even basic, gender reveal party was just too difficult. Even with living closer to family now we are still a few hours from everyone so we decided to do a long distance gender reveal.


We sent custom made gender reveal cards to close friends and family. We scanned a picture from the 20 week ultrasound and added the banner sharing the gender (as you can see above). For parents and siblings we ordered  magic mugs with the same design. When parents/siblings put a hot beverage in the cup it slowly reveals the same picture from bottom up starting with the ultrasound picture and ending with the banner sharing the gender.


Everyone loved the idea. We did orders through Walmart online, it took two weeks to get the mugs, but it was a pretty good process and I think worth the wait.



So did you guess right?

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