Settling into our new Home

This past weekend, with much help from Luke’s parents, we moved from our rental into our new home.

Luke and John took heavy loads of boxes and furniture using John’s truck and trailer. Diana and I packed, made sure everyone had food at meal time, and took lighter CRV loads. Our new washer and dryer were delivered on Friday as well as Satellite was  installed for internet. Several rooms had be thoroughly cleaned before moving into: walls, counters, and floors washed.

But by Sunday night we had beds set up for everyone. By Monday night the kitchen was clean and set up so we were able to have a full home cooked meal.We still have piles of boxes and many rooms have not been set up but having the main bedroom and kitchen done make this new house feel like home.

started a pantry in the mudroom

Kira already loves having huge yards to play in as well as big windows that look out onto both the front and backyard. We can’t wait to get a dog-door in for her in the mud room. In the mean time we are trying to train her to go in and out of the house through that door.

We are adjusting to several changes this week one of which is the in driving distances, Luke is ten minutes further from work and I am the same distance further to the grocery area and hospital. We have a different heat system and the cook stove in the kitchen in electric not gas. The more I unpack and look around the more cleaning to do or repairs to be completed I seem to find.

organizing boxes in the kitchenette area

But we are also enjoying how quiet it is here. The only sounds are frogs and crickets at night, the occasional bleat from the sheep next door during the day, and wind through the trees all the time. It is definitely peaceful.

On Sunday or Monday
As of yesterday

I have been taking pictures as we move forward so you can join us in our progress. Even our dinning/family room has changed over the four day moving adventure, once full of boxes it now has organized piles that dwindle each day.

view from our front yard

We have my family here this next weekend to help with more projects as we set up our home. There will be many  pictures to come as we settle in.


We are Moving

That’s right. This past weekend, just in time for Luke’s birthday, we closed on our new home in Chehalis Washington and almost a week early at that!

Last Saturday we did our final walk through then Monday signed paperwork and today we are getting the keys.

The home is on a quiet street with only a few houses and several small farms, but it’s close to the freeway so Luke will be only twenty minutes to work. Plus it’s just down the road from our church and main shopping area. The place sits on quite a few acres of pine trees, all designated as forest land that can be commercially cut and sold as timber, great for walks and hunting.

Built in the 70’s, the house has had  several additions adding square footage. There is a great large window looking out to the front yard in the living room, a good size kitchen space, a dinning/family room, three bedrooms, two full baths and a bonus room off of the mudroom.

We have our work cut out for us to turn this rental back into a home, including painting, and deep cleaning inside, as well as a good deal of junk removal outside. Past that our first goal of course, is setting up the nursery.

Luke’s parents plan to help me pack on St. Patty’s day and get everything into the new place over the weekend. Now that we are on the west coast both sets of parents are more than ready to drop off personal items that have been stored at their homes while living in New York. So Luke’s parents will be bringing along a few boxes and quite a few pieces of furniture with them. And a week from now my parents will be doing the same, bringing nursery furniture and the gifts from my so cal baby shower.

It is a house with a lot of potential to make our own, with several projects planned out across the first few years and we are excited make this new house our home

Very Special Baby Gifts

As I mentioned a few days ago I went down to Southern California to celebrate baby Greene with friends and family. On Saturday my mom hosted a brunch baby shower at Mimi’s cafe. For more on this see: SoCal Baby Shower

I received many wonderful gifts at the shower, but the most significant gifts were from my mother. If you have been reading my blog since the very beginning you would know that at my bridal shower I received an unexpected gift of a  handmade intricate red and white queen sized quilt from my mom. For more on this see: Happy Mother’s Day

Since then she had also made us a beautiful nature themed quilted Christmas tree skirt. For more on this see: Christmas review

Well  I knew before we even planned on having a baby she would make us a baby quilt, as she had already made a few for my cousin’s first kids. So in November I took my mom to the quilt store in Chehalis Washington. After wandering the store for awhile I asked her if she was ready to make another baby quilt . . .  this time for us. It was a wonderful moment as I shocked my Mom with the news of our pregnancy, her first grand child.

Little did I know, just like she started the wedding quilt before I was engaged, she had already started a baby quilt before I was pregnant.

She took my color preferences of orange, green, and yellow and choose nursery rhymes as the theme.  Once I heard my mom was including embroidery in the quilt I knew this would not be put on the ground for baby to pull out the stitching. I decided that nursery rhymes and lullabies would be a great gender neutral theme for the nursery itself and the quilt would be displayed proudly.

But boy was I in for a surprise when I opened the quilt at the shower. I expected some embellished border or flowers in embroidery.


Instead I opened the quilt to see twelve intricate picture panels of different nursery rhymes: all hand stitched.  It was overwhelming and wonderful.


When my mom found out I would display this quilt she decided we could do a gender specific baby quilt for everyday use.  Mom and I worked together to choose bright yellow and turquoise, combined with charcoal grey using geometric prints and a tumbler shape.


I wasn’t expecting to even see this quilt until the baby was born, knowing how busy my mom was planning for the shower and finishing the other quilt. So again to my surprise I open a gift bag to a completed quilt top. it was awesome to see the colors and designs work together.

As you can imagine both of these gifts a very special to me. I can’t wait to put them in the nursery in our new home.


Thank you mom for taking so much time, thoughtfulness, and prayer as you not only put together such a wonderful baby shower for me but also two beautiful and creative quilts that I will always cherish. I know how much this little one is already loved.

SoCal Baby Shower

This past weekend I traveled down to Southern California to celebrate baby Greene with friends and family.

My mom made reservation for a baby shower brunch at Mimi’s cafe for 15 people and a high chair. Because of the time of day we had the whole room to ourselves which made it easy for us to move around and greet everyone.


The gift table was decorated in bright greens, yellows, and oranges, just like our nursery will be. On the table my mom place a bowl for cards and advice cards for the-mother-to-be.


Also on the table were fresh flowers and pictures of me and Luke as babies in between the most recent ultrasound  of baby Greene. Last of all was a glass display of post-brunch dessert of mini cupcakes: red velvet and strawberry shortcake from one of my favorite places: cake mama’s.


It was an all girls event of all ages, minus of course baby Greene. It was wonderful connect with people I haven’t seen in anywhere from two to four years and celebrate with all age groups. After many hugs and belly rubs I sat down under a chair with brightly colored balloons announcing “its a boy”. We then enjoyed a very yummy brunch together while catching up on life.


As we finished brunch we took the opportunity to take a few family pictures of me with my mom and grandmothers.


Then it was present time. As I opened gift bag after gift bag I tossed the tissue paper on the floor which made for a very entertaining game for the four girls under 10 that attended.


I received many items from our baby registry as well as several fun additional toys and outfits. I am so thankful for everyone’s thoughtfulness, creativity, and generosity in their cards, advice, and in their gifts for me and baby Greene.


Thank you everyone! It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment.