Settling into our new Home

This past weekend, with much help from Luke’s parents, we moved from our rental into our new home.

Luke and John took heavy loads of boxes and furniture using John’s truck and trailer. Diana and I packed, made sure everyone had food at meal time, and took lighter CRV loads. Our new washer and dryer were delivered on Friday as well as Satellite was  installed for internet. Several rooms had be thoroughly cleaned before moving into: walls, counters, and floors washed.

But by Sunday night we had beds set up for everyone. By Monday night the kitchen was clean and set up so we were able to have a full home cooked meal.We still have piles of boxes and many rooms have not been set up but having the main bedroom and kitchen done make this new house feel like home.

started a pantry in the mudroom

Kira already loves having huge yards to play in as well as big windows that look out onto both the front and backyard. We can’t wait to get a dog-door in for her in the mud room. In the mean time we are trying to train her to go in and out of the house through that door.

We are adjusting to several changes this week one of which is the in driving distances, Luke is ten minutes further from work and I am the same distance further to the grocery area and hospital. We have a different heat system and the cook stove in the kitchen in electric not gas. The more I unpack and look around the more cleaning to do or repairs to be completed I seem to find.

organizing boxes in the kitchenette area

But we are also enjoying how quiet it is here. The only sounds are frogs and crickets at night, the occasional bleat from the sheep next door during the day, and wind through the trees all the time. It is definitely peaceful.

On Sunday or Monday
As of yesterday

I have been taking pictures as we move forward so you can join us in our progress. Even our dinning/family room has changed over the four day moving adventure, once full of boxes it now has organized piles that dwindle each day.

view from our front yard

We have my family here this next weekend to help with more projects as we set up our home. There will be many  pictures to come as we settle in.


One thought on “Settling into our new Home

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love all the greenery. Looks like a beautiful place to live. Congratulations 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲

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