Our New Car

So alongside a new house, and a soon-to-be new member of the family, we also just purchased a new car. Well it’s new to us.

Luke and I have been primarily using my red ’01 CRV that I received in college as both our travel car and Luke’s commuting car. The first two years of marriage we shared the CRV as our only car. For more on this see living with one car blog from a few years ago. Once again the past four months we have shared the CRV as our only car.

We realized that with the big changes coming in our lives soon we would want a second vehicle. It would be a little ridiculous to wake up our new baby and get us both loaded in the CRV in order to drop Luke off at work early in the morning. All of this just so I can go to the grocery store and run basic errands. Then I’d have to pick him up for work again, and we live further from his work now in the new house. That adds almost two hours of unneeded driving to my day.

In all, we decided we could use an upgrade. So we found a used ’11 Acadia. It’s a ten year step up in both modernization and size. I am still trying to get used to all of the new buttons and technology. Also because it is bigger I am adjusting to the larger engine and turning radius in parking lots.

But now we feel like we have enough room for dog, us, baby, and all of our travel gear for holidays or vacations to see family in the Northwest.

The CRV will now become Luke’s commuting car and the Acadia will be the mom/ travel car. And yes it’s a little weird to think of this new car as my mom-“mini-van”. But with extra seating, lower mileage, and being a little less worn and torn it makes sense.

It’s nice that the back row of seats fold down so easily and the bucket seats in the middle do as well, so there is plenty of room for a larger trunk area on longer trips.

We bought the car just in time to bring it down to the BBQ/Shower at my in-laws house and fill it up with wonderful gifts. (More on the BBQ/Shower to come.)





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