This past weekend my in-laws hosted a BBQ/baby shower for us and Baby Greene.

L;s Dad, is locally famous for his BBQ and homemade sauce and loves to host parties to share his BBQ with others.

The house was decorated in streamers, balloons, and flowers brightly colored with in our nursery colors of yellow, green, and orange. Early that morning, L’s Dad was hard at work cooking the meat outside and while L’s mom finishing up the sides and appetizers in the kitchen. As I was getting ready, Ls Aunts and Uncles arrived with the cake, balloons, and appetizers ready to help with set up and last minute food items.

As guests arrived men left beer and diapers on the front porch and women brought in their gifts for the shower. After everyone had a chance to talk and catch up, the meat was cut up and we all enjoyed a great BBQ meal together. John had cooked up: brisket, lamb, chicken, sausage, and pork, plenty of options to choose from.

Whenever a plate of meat seemed to get low another tray full  was brought in. The men carved the meat in the garage, out of the rain, which was a delight for K. She was able to enjoy the company as well as the scraps from the floor.

With cake distributed, I was given the seat of honor in the living room, the rocking chair. This rocking chair was for L when he was little. It is very comfortable and I’m looking forward to using it in our nursery soon. Then L opened his father-to-be present from his parents: a large diaper/baby backpack filled with wipes, snacks, and toys.

After this, the men were encouraged to head downstairs or outside and the women sat in the living room as I opened gifts. I opened present after present of baby clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, toys, books, and other wonderful gifts from family and friends.

We were so blessed to have a full box of diapers and wipes, and a whole additional box  other presents. Later into the evening we sat around talking and snacking on leftovers, enjoying the end of a wonderful BBQ/Baby shower.


2 thoughts on “BaByQ Oregon Shower

  1. Great write up of the party. The pics turned out great!

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