As I mentioned in my Easter post, this past weekend L and I took time to check out the local mini-golf place.

I grew up close to several well established mini golf places with both indoor and outdoor courses. I realize being in SoCal I was more than a little spoiled and overwhelmed by  entertainment options. L and I, before this past weekend, had only gone mini-golfing twice together. Once before we got married, because we felt it was a date we should do as part of our “dating” story-line. And the second time with family in Oregon after my brother’s graduation for more on this see 2013 vacation part 1 .

So it is not something we have done often, nor something I’d say I’m good at. Still we thought it’d be a fun and easy short date before our birth class.


Everything is covered in glow in the dark paint and hit with black lights;  the artwork on the walls we found pretty impressive. For only one course it was packed with decorations challenges and fun. The course is split into three themed areas: first underwater, then jungle, then last dinosaur.

It was a quiet day and we were alone on the course which helped us feel no pressure and take our time. Even if we did have to wait there were plenty of benches for sitting along the way. We didn’t keep exact score but I felt it was one of my best games, I was able to get most holes even with obstacles in 2-3 moves.

After our round we checked out the arcade,  included several classic favorites including donkey kong, pac man, galaga, pin ball, air hockey and more. We know where to go if we want a little classic game competition.

We had a great time and know it’s worth the short trip and money, a great date activity. We’ll probably go again and hopefully next time bring along some family to enjoy the fun.






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