Pre-baby Freezer Meals: Chicken

A couple of weekends ago my brother and sister-in-law came to visit us for the weekend. While Luke and my brother Matt did yard work Stina and I did major meal prep.

I started research into typical freezer meal recipes via pintrest but quickly realized many of the meals are not in our normal routine. I decided instead I would convert our normal meals into freezer meals.

Now this may seem like a lot of work but post-baby we will be adjusting to new life changes. A sense of familiarity in our diet could be beneficial for everyone, including Baby Greene. With a little research it didn’t take long to change stove top meals into oven or crockpot options instead.

The deep freeze arrived on Thursday; Luke and I went to Costco before family arrived on Friday. The next day Stina and I got to work. We found it best to categorize meals by the type of meat; so that is what I will do to share these meals with all of you.

We bought bulk chicken breasts of which a few were whole or cubed and left raw to go in a crockpot. The rest were cooked in crockpots on high. The meat was so tender and moist that it took little effort with a few forks to shred it when done.

I am not going to provide the recipes for all of these meals, many of them are already easy to find online. Once we actually defrost them and cook them up, I will see what worked well and possibly write up recipes and instructions then. But I will give tips and hints along the way.

Hint 1: add dairy products later: other than cheese, it is best to add sour cream, Alfredo, etc. to the meal once it’s cooked for awhile in the crockpot, just as dairy can curdle if it gets too hot, the contents can separate in the freezer as well.

 Chicken Meals:

Broccoli Alfredo and shredded chicken:

-crockpot meal

– Alfredo added later

-to be served with pasta or over a baked potato

Buffalo shredded chicken:

-crockpot meal

-sour cream added later

-to be served with baked potato or as part of a salad

Shredded chicken enchilada soup

-crockpot meal

– sour cream added later

Shredded chicken, spinach, and cheese enchiladas

-oven meal

Cubed chicken curry

– crockpot meal

-coconut/milk to be added later

-to be served with rice

Mustard chicken breasts:


-to be served with salad



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