Pre-Baby Freezer Meals: Ground Beef

To hear how we did all of these meals and more in two days see my blog earlier this week Pre-baby Freezer meals: chicken.

While Luke and I went to birth class on Saturday night, Stina cooked up 10 lbs of ground beef in our cast irons on the stovetop. Thank You! It seemed like a lot of meat but it was just the right amount for all that we made. The meat was split into two parts ziplocs. Half went into preparing my tomato meat sauce. I have never made such a huge helping of meat sauce in my life! The mixture of tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, meat, and seasoning took up both my large boiling pot and my medium sauce pan. I went through ALL of my diced tomato cans in the house.

While that mixture cooked down we got to work on the other ground beef meals. Luke is good with portions and has a way of folding burritos into an envelope shape that holds well. So Luke showed Matt how to portion out beans, cheese, and meat and the two of them assembled. Once a stack of burritos were piled I took them to the cast iron to be sealed by slightly grilling both sides. Then Stina took the pile of burritos, wrapped them in foil, and put them into ziplocs.

It was fun to have such an assembly line going.

Once the meat sauce cooked down and cooled off  we assembled lasagnas and pasta bakes.  In the end I had only enough sauce leftover for two spaghetti meals.

As I said in my last post, I will not put recipes and instructions here. I am waiting to see which meals really worked out well after cooking before sharing them with all of you.

Hint 2: Buy disposable freezer protection for your meals: tin foil, foil trays, plastic wrap, and freezer ziploc bags. Most meals that will go in the oven were put in foil trays then wrapped in plastic wrap- a tip from Stina.

Ground Beef Meals:

Ground Beef Chili

– crock pot meal

-add canned beans

-serve with corn bread, over potato, or with eggs as omelette etc.


Spaghetti/meat sauce

-sauce defrosted on stove top or in crockpot

serve over pasta

Beef and Bean and Cheese Burritos

-easily microwaved

-serve with fresh veggies: salsa, avocado, etc.

Beef and Spinach Lasagna/Pasta Bake

-put in oven to cook

-serve with salad



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