Zachary: 1 Month

It’s hard to believe that Zachary is now a month old. It’s been the shortest and longest month of our lives.

We as a family have learned so much about each other. Zach has become more vocal and we have learned what each of those sounds mean, even the different types of cries.

Zach loves to kick and wiggle, so swaddles never worked out and we went straight to footed jammies, even if they are a little big on him.

He learned to self sooth right away sticking his whole fist and occasionally thumb in his mouth. By week three, we introduced a pacifier. Mom, Dad, and Zach love having a binki.

Zach can turn his head from one side to the other and can turn from his back to his side-yes he’s a little strong one. He has also learned to grasp and hold on tight to my hair, clothes, and is working on ways to keep his binki in his mouth.

He loves listening to music, especially if Mom or Dad sings, and dancing around in their arms. He also enjoys time on the blanket under the gym his Papa made him looking at black and white pictures and or staring outside.

I want to thank everyone who prayed for us during our time at hospital and for recovery since then. Both Zach and I are healing very well and grateful for all of your thoughts and prayers.




4 thoughts on “Zachary: 1 Month

  1. Wonderful pictorial update! Little Zach is adorable. Amazed you have time to blog. Happy one month birthday to Zach!

  2. Love ❤️ the pictures. Especially the one with his eyes open and looking straight at the camera. I’m so thankful you are doing so good. Can hardly wait to see him and hold him. My first great grandchild. What a blessing.

  3. He is beautiful. He likes wiggling around because thats how the Greenes do. Neither of my kids liked being swaddled. Before you know it he will be in college. Love to you all.

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