When L’s brother and family came to town we rode the local railroad.  We had the option of sitting in a covered outdoor car or indoors both with bench seating. With two little ones we went for the indoor option.

Once the steam train started we finished our lunch while farms and houses went by.  . As we traveled along the friendly staff offered the children a few pieces of candy. We took the shorter of the rides so about a half hour in, the train stopped, drove by us, and hooked up on the other end. Our older nephew really enjoyed watching this.

On our way back to the train station we saw a civil war re-enactment taking place on a farm not far away; we decided to check it out. We drove out to the far, payed to enter and got our wristbands. My Sis-in-law and I stayed at the car to feed the babies while L and his bro took the kids to watch the reenactment. It was loud, even from the car, and we were surprised how many times they used the cannon.

Afterward we walked around the camps: everyone was in period clothing, some napping in their canvas tents, others making lunch in cast irons and pots.

We saw on the schedule that a string group was preforming period pieces. Ready to get out of the heat, we found seats on hay barrels under the canvas tent and listened to familiar tunes.

And that was our warm summer day set in the 1800’s.



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