Zachary: 4 Months

This past month Zach has gone through a large growth spurt! The end of August it seemed he was constantly hungry and wanted to cuddle with Mom frequently:  he was changing day to day.

For labor day weekend he went on a long roadtrip (well long for an infant anyway) to visit the grandparents at their Lakehouse . There he saw the lake, deer, and had a beach picnic lunch in the sand. It was windy at the beach so he cuddled up with grandpa and grandma with his hood up.

As summer came to a close, he enjoyed time out on a blanket in the front yard, staring at the trees and watching Kira play. Speaking of Kira, he is showing more of an interest in her and has figured out she is furry, barks, and growls. They also both like toys that squeak and rattle. (More of an update on Kira to come).

Beginning of the month
End of the month

Zach will roll both directions now from his back to stomach, and sometimes from stomach onto his back. He can hold a rattle well and likes sitting up in our laps or the couch. He is learning to use his body to communicate what he wants.

He’s not always happy after a nap

He lifts up his arms to say he wants to be picked up, tightens his core if he wants to sit up, and arches his back if he wants out of a lap or  or even his car seat.

He’ll take all the attention he can get, talk up a storm, and even sit still for a book and try to turn the pages.


Zachary has learned the baby signs symbol for “milk”. He does this symbol not only when he is hungry but also when he wants mom or when he sees us eating. On that note,Zach will mimic our mouth movements while we eat, start drooling, and try to grab our plates or bowls. By the next month update he will probably have tried some rice cereal.

He likes being able to face out in our carriers while we explore Costco and on his property walks with dad.  Now that the sun is going down sooner; he’s been going to bed earlier, and is wearing 3-6 month PJ’s at night.

In 3-6 Month PJs





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