Zachary: 10 Months

Zachary is now ten months old!  Our Zach is one busy little boy. Constantly on the go.

Zachary uses his walking toy almost everyday. He will sit comfortably on his knees to push buttons, turn nobs, and open the doors . Or he will pull himself to standing then take off walking, without any help! I have to pay attention because Zach can be halfway down the hallway in no time.

Zachary loves to play with his activity cube pulling objects in and out of the shape sorter. He likes to push the cube around  on his knees and open and close the story book on it.  If you ask Zach will put an object in or out of the sorter or a different  container. He will also hand you an object, again if you ask. If we hide an object under a blanket, pillow, or container he will  find it, almost every time.

This month furniture has been as interesting as toys. Zach uses the cedar chest, couches, ottomans, even the baby gate to pull up or cruise with. He wants so badly to look out the window, pulling up on the ledge on his tip toes. Zach has learned if he stand behind the window curtains he can play hide and seek with mommy. We also had to drop his crib this month because he had learned to pull up on it.

Zachary is crawling on all fours most of the time. He gives out great high fives and is working on waving bye bye. Zach loves to say “dada” “dog” and “kira”. He knows how to bang two objects together and is trying to figure out how to clap his hands.

Zachary has no hesitation exploring. When he falls down or gets stuck, most of the time he goes right back to it again. He knows how to sit when he falls backward or put out his hand to catch himself forward.

On sunny days this month Zach has enjoyed his swing. He loves the wind in his face and smiles and giggles, until he gets cold.

Zachary enjoyed corn beef  and wore green for St. Patrick’s day. Then Luke’s friends from Oregon stayed with us for Luke’s birthday weekend. Zach loved new people to play with and was thrilled to get so much attention. He also really enjoyed Dad’s birthday dinner out: Korean BBQ , when he was fed piece of meat for more than two hours straight.

This past weekend my parents came for a brief visit and to deliver my great-grandmother’s piano. Zachary was very curious about the piano and enjoyed sitting my lap and hitting the keys. He also is happy to have another piece of furniture to play with. I am excited to get it tuned and watch Zach dance around as I play.

We are looking forward to celebrating Zachary first Easter with NaiNai and Papa this next weekend.


One thought on “Zachary: 10 Months

  1. One week from this coming Friday I will get to hold and play with Zack. Tell him Grandma Jan is coming to see him. Love you guys and can hardly wait to see you.

    Love 💕 you
    Grandma Jan

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