It’s taken a while to re-group from our long April travels.

The Friday before my sister-in-law’s baby shower, my grandmother and mother flew in. Z had not met his great-grandma yet, and loved spending time with her, that night she read him a book and fed him his bottle.

The next day, Z played with three generations of women while we packed everything for the weekend.  That day we drove to the hotel, checked in, and met my dad’s parents for dinner.

Sunday morning all the family got together for breakfast. We got to spend a few minutes with my bro and his wife before the shower while everyone at her parent’s place were preparing and decorating.

At the shower Z loved he discovered he loved balloons. He also wanted so badly to explore the presents, both before and after they were opened.

The next morning, very early, L dropped us off at the airport.

Z loved the airport, the decorations, the huge windows, and watching the planes take off. He also did great on his first flight.

It felt strange to share my childhood home with my child. Showing him my bedroom, having him take a bath where I took a bath growing up, but it was also fun.

My parents  got a kiddy pool to use in the backyard along with bucket, shovel, some pool toys, and a swimsuit.

Also during that week Zach had his first hair cut. He was scratching and pulling at his ears because the hair was so long around them that it was tickling him. So we took him to the same person that cut my hair when I was little. He did great.

And that was the first part of our trip. More of our adventures to come.

4 thoughts on “April Travel: Baby Shower and First Flight

  1. Love 💕 the pictures. Loved seeing him getting his hair cut. He’s growing up to fast.

    Grandma Jan

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