Again, this is the third part of my blogs on our April travel adventures for more see April Travel: Downtown LA and April Travel: Baby Shower and First Flight.

We met up with L on Friday night in San Diego. My parents took us to their favorite stop for food in Old Town. It was a beautiful balmy day and we sat outside in the courtyard taking in the sunset eating amazing Mexican food .

Z was very happy to spend time with his Dad after being away for almost a week. We walked around the shops, enjoying the evening entertainment. When it got dark, we  took the light trail to our hotel in the Gaslamp District.

Mom, Dad, and I took Z to the  Zoo. This Zoo holds a lot of memories for our family. I went there several times as a child and L and I went to this zoo as our last date right before our wedding.

We started our Zoo adventure with the tram ride. Then we explored the aviaries and rainforest trails on our way down to our lunch stop. Z loved the spider monkeys and colorful birds. The waterfalls also caught his attention, hopefully he will see some REAL ones soon.

Z took a nap while we explored the reptiles and reptile house after lunch.Then later in the afternoon when he woke up we saw the big animals starting with the Hippo and baby Hippo, which Z really didn’t see all he could see were the fish.

But Z’s favorite: the Zebra. He noticed the Zebra all the way from the tram ride so we went back to let him see him again. Whether it was the black and white stripes, or the fact that it’s the only animal that starts with the same letter as his name, he loved the Zebra.

When I went to this Zoo for the first time my parent’s got me a small stuffed giraffe because there was a baby giraffe then and I really enjoyed it. So we got Z a small stuffed Zebra before we left, and he loves it.

We got back in time for L, Z, and I to go out for dinner. It was a great celebration meal for our first spring vacation as a family.

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