This is the last blog of four about our travel to California in April. For more see: April Travel: San Diego Old Town and Zoo or April Travel: Downtown LA and April Travel: Baby Shower and First Flight

In the evening we went to Spaghetti Factory right by our hotel. It was familiar and kid friendly. Z loves noodles. He also enjoyed the eclectic lamps and other decorations.

The next day we packed then went down to the pool. Z was unsure at first but by the end  Z actually went underwater three times.

That afternoon, we checked out of the hotel and took the light rail to the USS Midway for a tour of the aircraft carrier. L loved exploring the fighter planes and helicopters.

The top deck was impressive, and it gave a great view of the ocean, even though it was very windy. I found the museum below deck more interesting, seeing the culture and everyday life of such a large vessel was fascinating to me.

They said it takes about three hours to see it all we took all that time for sure. There were definitely a few restrictions having a kid with us, as well as for a stroller, but it was still worth it.

We had a late flight back to Oregon, fortunately we had a gracious person sitting next to us who had her own kids and with L’s help we kept Z entertained. We got home very late and went straight to bed. It took a good week or more to  adjust from the trip but it was all so worth it.

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