I love that this time of year, fall is by far my favorite season, it represent change and reflection: time to cozy up and rest.

During November, I see many people doing a daily post on social media of what they are thankful for.  I think this is awesome, and if you can keep it up all month even better.

I’ve learned for me, this is not a November activity. I need this to be a year round practice. Every Single Day.

Before bed, instead of thinking about tomorrow’s busy schedule, or what is left on the list from today. I try to think of one hand: 5 things I am grateful for, from that day:big, little, anything.

This changes my perspective. It is how I stay focused, content. That is how I find peace to rest at night, and joy with the next day.

Now, please notice the word “try” above, this is not always easy to keep up. I can tell when I get out of  practice. I feel a rising gloom-cloud of discontentment and resentment. All of a sudden I hear a voice complaining or whining, and it takes a while to realize: that’s me!  The gloom-cloud, that voice, they are my blinking yellow caution lights that I need to get back into the discipline of thankfulness.

That is what it is: a discipline. I have to do it, everyday, always, to keep my focused, on what is going well and on the big picture. I get so caught up in details,  n the tasks in my organizer, the stress of my current circumstances or season, that a discipline of thankfulness keeps me in check.

This discipline reminds me not to get caught up in what the media says I want, or need or should do. Not even caught up in my unrealistic expectations of myself and everyone around me. It reminds me of what really matters in life. (Which is ultra-difficult to do this time of year).

Once I really get into a good pattern, this thankfulness overflows through out the day into compliments and affirmation for my family and friends. The words come out naturally and unrehearsed because I’m already thinking of them, already thankful for them. But I know they need to hear it, just as I do.

One hand-five, things, to be thankful about everyday.

How about you? How do you practice thankfulness?


One thought on “The discipline of Thankfulness

  1. I do appreciate this message. I need to start this as much as possible. I do have so much to be thankful for and one important one is you my precious granddaughter. I love you and your family so much. God has been so good to me. 💕💕💕😘

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