It has been ten years since I started blogging. I started a temporary project to keep my family updated on my adventures through the Middle East. I put a pause on blogging when I moved back to my home state of California to work on my Masters where I met my husband L. We got married after our master’s graduation, immediately put all of our wedding presents in a moving truck headed for upstate New York.

On our way to the East Coast, I decided to start a blog about my adventures as a newlywed across the country from anyone I knew. In those four years we bought our first house, got a puppy, and grew in our careers and marriage. I learned how to manage a home, cook, bake, and find ways to celebrate holidays away from family.

Then we began a new adventure. We sold our house and moved back to the west coast.  L started a new job, we bought a new home, and two months later we became a family of three. Z is now a little over 2 and everyday feels like an adventure with this curious little extrovert.

If you have read my blog before, you know this journey. You may be wondering why I took a break from writing? My life has changed in many ways since I started my blog and so has what I want to write about.

I decided after almost seven years with A. Greene’s Adventures it was time to adjust the lenses; to refocus. January of last year, I took a step back to see what I really wanted to write about.

For years I thought blogging my life adventures would mean focusing only on the highlights, the mountain tops, the adrenaline rush and exciting.

However, I am learning to find beauty in the everyday moments. Not just the tick marks on the timeline but the gaps in between.

I want to take these moments in with my whole self and fully engage with the people, activities, and places I love: here and now.

These everyday moments create my journey. They lead me down a path on a wonderful adventure, one that I want share with all of you.

I invite you to join my everyday journey.

Welcome back to A. Greene’s Adventures.

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