Z and I got brand new rain boots. His first pair.

I felt so proud. A right of passage for my northwest boy.

What better way to embrace the rainy fall weather than breaking in new rain boots.

Even in this spontaneous moment I had to let go of the ever constant stream of internal thoughts: the plans for the rest of the day, the normal worries and reflections of what had already happened, and of course the ever looming to do list.

I reminded myself: this moment will not happen again.

I will not have another “first time” puddle jumping with my son.

This is it.


I closed my eyes and inhaled the wet, musty pine filled air. I felt the embrace of moisture in the air, like a enveloping hug. I listened to the droplets hit my hood of my rain coat, the hard ground, the trees and grass. Felt the cool air and wind on my face.  I breathed out with a sigh and opened my eyes. Then I was there-right there- with my son.

I joined Z’s exploration of each puddle, seeing how deep it went, if it was muddy, how high we could jump. Pure joy and giggles.

MVIMG_20190908_184325926 (2)

Then it occurred to me: I am learning to take in each moment for its full worth.

Of course I want my son to do the same.

So we paused and listened to the sound of drops on our rain coats-Z said: “drip, drip, drip”. We felt the stiffness of our new rubber boots and listened to feet shuffle against the asphalt.

We felt the rain on our hands and face: cold, wet, tickling. We felt the grass and the pine needled trees covered in water. We watched how the rain drops hit the puddles, spreading into circles distorting their glassy appearance. How the pine needles spun and floated in the puddles.

We were outside for only minutes, but it felt like hours. I had new energy and felt rested; peaceful.  It was such a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively).

I walked away so grateful that I seized the moment, was right there making memories. soaking in the beauty of that moment with my son.

Looks like Z is learning to love this northwest rain as much as I have.

What are you favorite fall memory making experiences?




2 thoughts on “In the Rain

  1. You describe the Northwest first rainy days perfectly. I felt like I was there with you!

    It’s a joy to my heart to hear you seizing the moment with my grandson! You are right, you don’t ever get these days back…I’m excited for both of you that you are not going to miss one second of them!

  2. We love all things pumpkin our household but we’ve also added a trip to the corn maze as a fall favorite.
    This year we have the long walk down the driveway to meet the bus so we’ve got boots and umbrellas ready to have many rainy walks in the PNW weather!
    I love this post! Thanks for putting us in the moment with you for this fun first!

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