Apples have been one of my favorites to eat and bake with since childhood. Just type the word “apple” into my blog’s search engine and you’ll get a sense of why. The smell of cinnamon and caramelizing apples coming from the oven-makes me feel all warm and happy. Nothing better.

When L and his Dad went hunting in September, my Mom-in-law and Z helped me with apple baking.

IMG_20190921_141126_01 (2)

I am so excited Z is old enough to join in the process this year. He was such a big helper  peeling and coring almost all of the apples-and we are talking a lot of apples.

IMG_20190921_141110_01 (2)




A big batch of granny smiths and pink ladies filled up 5 apple crisp tins.


We also made one Gluten Free, Organic, no white sugar crisp using organic granny smiths and pink ladies to enjoy with family over the weekend. MVIMG_20190909_102804417

But that’s not all. We also made two batched of oatmeal apple muffins. One for my mom-in-law: organic, gluten free, no white sugar with more pink ladies. The other batch was for the rest of the family to share; we used some local semi-tart crisp apples.


Do you have a favorite fall smell or flavor? What does fall smell or taste like for you?

2 thoughts on “Apple Baking

  1. Save some of the gluten free for me. You can freeze it until I get there. Sounds yummy 😋.

    Love 💗
    Grandma Jan

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