Looking back on January, it was a month of regrouping from the holidays. Of course Z enjoyed this cold season playing inside with his new toys.


In this time, I was beginning to see Z needed more structured creative play options including coloring and sensory bins.


Papa made Z a stand for Christmas. Z was so excited he could finally see what I was doing in the kitchen. He also became a great helper.


It became so much easier to do dinner prep, dishes, and other kitchen work with Z occupied at eye level instead of at my feet. Thanks again Papa!

After every major holiday Z comes home with new skills in some area or another that he observed or picked up from family. Anyone else find this to be true with their kids?


Overall, in January we were all adjusting from our long travel time with family. It feels like after  vacation it takes twice the time of the trip to get back to routine. Anyone else notice this?

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