It was hard for Z and I to let go of our summer play-dates. It was made easier knowing September meant starting preschool activities again.

We began this year with Geology or as I told Z: rocks.


Preschool play-dates started with rock hunts outside. With our new collection, we talked about shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. We counted and organized them by size too. The boys looked at the rocks, geodes,  and minerals using magnifying glasses and flashlights.

MVIMG_20190904_095521268MVIMG_20190904_095429975We did sensory play as well including cleaning the rocks using water and shaving cream. It made a sticky mess but it was easy to clean up and everyone smelled nice and minty afterward.


During preschool the boys enjoyed geology themed snacks, learning about the layers of the earth’s core and crust and how tectonic plates work using pudding, graham crackers, food dye, and whip cream. Yummy.MVIMG_20190904_102139696IMG_20190904_102909078_BURST000_COVER_TOP

Using the trampoline, we simulated earthquakes using our feet and hands to see if our building block towers were earthquake safe. MVIMG_20190921_091220525MVIMG_20190914_100314100

On the non-preschool days, Z and I read books about rocks, did coloring pages about the earth’s core, and watched cartoons about volcanoes and erosion. Z loved painting rocks with water and seeing how they changed color. We also played hide and seek with our rocks in a bean sensory bin and our sandbox.

MVIMG_20190922_100836550Our field trip this month was to the rock show; a plethora of rocks, glass, and gems of all types to see and buy. Our friend said this is like Halloween for rocks. All of the vendors gave away rocks to the boys-each came away with bags full of  treasures. MVIMG_20190922_100754659 Inside the barn were more vendors as well as a florescent rock display under black light. Z also had a chance to explore how magnetic meteorites are.


For the older kids, there was a scavenger hunt to do while looking through the rock collection displays and the prize for completing the hunt?  . .  you guessed it: a choice of rocks or geodes.


I know Z had a awesome time learning rocks can rock! I learned a thing or two as well.

Do you like to hunt for rocks, gems, geodes, or shells? What are your favorite precious stones or gems?


One thought on “Preschool: Geology

  1. Amanda you amaze me. Your mom was such a good mommy and you are following in her footsteps. Can hardly wait to see you guys.

    Gramma Jan. 🥰🥰

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