Last year Z was very unsure about the snow. I got some pretty sad looking pictures of my little man all bundled up and crying because I placed him in the snow. Well, I was really hoping by our next winter he would be more interested.


We talked about the snow and got all excited-he loved watching it fall from the sky. It took 10 minutes to get us all geared up for an outdoor adventure. Kira loved it-but Z? He didn’t want to touch it-walk in it-nothing.


We ended up pulling him around in the wagon or holding him. 10 minutes to get ready for 10 minutes outside then Z was done. Maybe next year?


Normally for Valentines day I make L a berry pie. This year I decided to do something  shareable: mini cream cheese pies with a pretzel crust. I frozen them in silicone muffin tins until time to eat. To go on top, I made a raspberry sauce. It all turned out great.


On Valentine’s day, L and I did fondue at home. We have really missed our cheese and chocolate fondue holidays (just type “fondue” in my search engine to find out more) but it is nice we can do it at least once a year.


We also celebrated L’s birthday early. L’s parents watched Z overnight as we went up north to a bluegrass festival. We didn’t get great pictures while we were there but did hear some amazing music and discovered some new artists we really like. For a birthday dinner we went to a very nice dumpling house.


That is how we enjoyed one of our colder months of the year. How do you enjoy the winter months? What is your opinion of snow?

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