October is all about the Pumpkin for me. I get quite a few good sized cans of the stuff and then get to work on all things pumpkin, spice, and everything autumn nice.


This year as usual I did pumpkin bread loafs for friends and fall family get-togethers. Over the years I have experimented with different flavor parings for my pumpkin bread my go-to now is 1-white chocolate drizzle or 2- chocolate chip. My friends and family all have different preferences.


Last year I got mini loaf baking sheets as early Christmas gifts from my mother. They have been put to good use. I use them in the fall to make gluten free mini loafs to sell at our church’s fall harvest festival. This year I also put mini loafs in fall cups to give away as thank you presents to those that look after Z at MOPs and his daycare.


Then this year I made something new: pumpkin scones. With the help of a fellow baker, I learned a few things in making a new pumpkin scone recipe. First of all pumpkin puree is a liquid so unlike the fresh berries or zest, you have to factor the puree into your wet ingredients. Second, pumpkin is not sweet so you have to add more sugar to the dry mix then you do with fresh berries.


Third, what everyone really cares about are those fall pumpkin spices that means add a ton more: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger then what the recipe seems to call for. Lastly, the amount of pumpkin you put in really matters because pumpkin can have a pretty mild flavor.


In order to get the real pumpkin punch we did a pumpkin sugar glaze on top which we dipped the scones into. After this dried and cooled we drizzled the scones with white chocolate.


The final product was pumpkin perfect. We had many taste-testers in the house and they all enjoyed them thoroughly. We packed them all up ready for the bake sale fundraiser for Halloween.

What are your favorite pumpkin or fall spiced goodies? What is your favorite thing to make with pumpkin puree?

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