Last March Z upgraded to a big boy bed. L talked it up, encouraging him that it was so awesome to have a big bed all to himself. Well, then Z was so excited the first few nights that it was tough to calm him down to sleep.


We started with a mattress on the floor for awhile then we move to the twin bedframe that L had a kid. Since then, we have had some ups and downs in bedtime routine and  but we have worked through most of them and Z loves his bed.


(Since this photo we have gotten Z a new star themed comforter-in this photo he is borrowing one of Daddy’s.)

Also in March Z and I went on a trip to my parent’s lakehouse. While we were there we went on kayak rides. Z loves to share a kayak with Grandma or Grandpa and get lessons on how to paddle. He enjoys seeing other boats on the lake, fish jump, and birds land on the water.


Another day we did a toddler friendly hike on boardwalks alongside a lake. Again this was a great place to watch fish, frogs, and birds. After our walk we had a picnic-at small treat that Z also loves.



After dinner one night I knew Z needed some time to let off some energy. I asked my mom where the closest playground was. She asked the waiter, Z was just getting to the age, and the right time of year for us to check it out. It is a great park!



Then my mom, Z and I went to into town to go shopping. While we were there we explored the children’s museum in the mall. Z loved the large train, the ship and slide, but spent most of his time at the dinosaur dig.



It was a busy month with a lot of travel but those months also bring some great memories. What did your 2019 spring look like?


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