We have been blessed with quite a few sunny crisp fall days this year. On one day, Z asked me to play with him outside. While we were out there, he asked for me draw with chalk some apples and pumpkins. I asked him-what color? Tall or short? Big or small? Skinny or round? Then I made a pumpkin fall chalk collage.


We were only outside for maybe a half hour and yet that time was so necessary, not just for Z but for me. As an introvert and a work-from-home-mom it’s hard pull myself away from the vast work to do inside. But the fresh breath of air outside helps me gain perspective, re-structure my internal to-do list.

It’s hard to press pause. There are a million things to do around the house from the normal laundry, dishes, dinner prep, housecleaning etc. to the scheduling, editing, writing, meetings, and emails I do for work. It’s easy to say “not right now” or “in a few minutes” or “later” or “Mommy’s busy right now”.

But I have to remember how much these moments are needed for Z, to play and interact with his mom;to have fun with me. These moments remind me that my time with him is precious.

He will only have this interest or want to play this game or do this activity for a short while. He will only be this age for a little bit. Then it will all change. I do not want to lose my opportunities to be fully engaged and present with my son as he is right now.

Some days include more pauses than others and some days are easier to press pause on than others. But I am making an effort when Z asks to join him in play to say “yes” more than “later”.

How often do you press pause in your day? For yourself? For your family?

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