Every night, and sometimes as nap time too, we have a set sleeping routine that ends with a prayer.

This is an open prayer where we let Z decide what to say, but we always prompt the prayer with the phrase “Dear Jesus thank you for . . . ”

Often he begins his prayer with “for a fun day”. Sometimes Z comes up with a good list of people, things, activities that he wants to to show gratitude for. Other times L or I will help with suggestions.

For us, this is chance to teach Z the important habit of daily gratitude. He gets an opportunity to look back on the day with a positive outlook and point out what is worth sharing thankfulness for.


A habit of thankfulness is I also something I have worked hard to establish for myself in the past few years. Here is a quote from my blog post last year on this topic called “The discipline of Thankfulness”:

 Before bed, instead of thinking about tomorrow’s busy schedule, or what is left on the list from today. I try to think of one hand: 5 things I am grateful for, from that day:big, little, anything.

This changes my perspective. It is how I stay focused, content. That is how I find peace to rest at night, and joy with the next day. . . . It reminds me of what really matters in life.

How do you practice thankfulness in your family?

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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